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Frontline Guardian Treatment

The Re-Institute is a uniquely designed program created within CCR, INC. The program utilizes the combined competencies and expertise of its team in the provision of its therapies, treatments, and consultation services. Beginning with a tiered assessment of the work/family/employee behavioral health status, our team reviews and analyzes the data to prioritize an orchestrated response plan that integrates medical, psychological, psychiatric, and behavioral health interventions. The interventions are designed to enhance an individual’s fitness for duty, thus creating momentum toward attaining one’s personal best.

” Fit for Duty – Fit for Life “

Benefits of the Re-Institute’s service modules include reinvigorating our client’s sense of duty and mission to self, their family and community. A proudest day for a frontline guardian is when he or she swears their oath to service with their friends and family present and community observing. Our goal is to restore to each guardian the experience of living with purpose.

While in the performance of their duties, frontline guardians are called upon when disaster occurs. During critical incidents, responders often experience extreme levels of stress and trauma of their own and a transference of a victim’s traumatic response as well. Such stressors and traumas may result in a range of responses, including mental exhaustion due to the perception of helplessness to the situation. When left untreated, the trauma may lead to an increased risk for adverse behavioral health outcomes in their professional, personal, and family lives.

logo of Substance Abuse Treatment center reinstitute

Our Mission

The mission of The Re-Institute is aligning the physical and mental wellbeing of Frontline Guardians with empathy, care, and understanding. Frontline Guardians include police officers, firefighters, correctional officers, emergency dispatchers, government agents, and others in the service and protection of our nation and our communities.

logo of Substance Abuse Treatment center reinstitute

What We Treat

Utilizing personalized workshops and treatments we offer integrated care for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. For those unable to travel to our treatment center, we will be able to offer virtual care and recovery treatment and support. This enables our team of clinicians to provide patients with the same high level of care, with the added safety and convenience of being at home.

logo of Substance Abuse Treatment center reinstitute

Our Method

Operational Performance Plan

To create an effective plan of performance improvement, our team conducts a series of data gathering tasks including personal interviews with workplace personnel, employee’s family members, and the individual employees themselves. Outcomes of the data gathered by interview techniques are then validated by standardized psychological assessments of the collective group. The purpose of the behavioral health screenings are to provide data for the development of training programs and behavioral health interventions to maximize occupational competency of the collective group. Our findings and trainings can prove to be advantageous to an agency, a municipality, or an insurance provider as they may significantly increase community satisfaction with public safety personnel, cost containment of loss time expenses, and improve morale and life satisfaction of the frontline guardian.

The Re-Institute designs customized training, workshops, retreats, and behavioral health interventions to meet the unique community and workplace culture of our clients. Our core programming includes:

  • Transformational Training and Workshops
  • The Guardian Retreats
  • Personal Improvement Plans

Helping frontline guardians achieve their personal best. We help with Substance Abuse Treatment, Fit for Duty assessments, and more