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Our Services

The Re-Institute designs customized trainings, substance abuse treatment workshops, retreats, substance abuse treatment, and behavioral health interventions to meet the unique community and workplace culture of our clients. Our core programming follows OSHA guidelines and includes:

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Re-Assessment Services

Utilizing effective methods of surveying, The Re-Institute conducts screenings, assessments, and when indicated, personal interviews.The outcomes of...

Personal Improvement Plans

The Re-Institute’s process allows for the collection of individual, family and work-place trends upon which the Personal Improvement Plan is developed.

Fit for Duty Assessments

The Fitness for Duty Assessment is an individualized, multi-disciplinary assessment of an individual’s occupational competency. The findings of assessment...

Transformational Trainings and Workshops

Learning as a child comes from wonder and excitement of mastery over one’s body, relationships, environment and lastly, over obtaining fulfillment of needs.

Guardian Wellness Retreats

The Re-Institute’s campus offers a peaceful, nurturing environment ideal for individuals reconnecting with themselves and/or their loved ones.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Programs

All too often, frontline guardians respond to the symptoms of hyperarousal, physical dependencies, and unmanageable thoughts by seeking relief...

Mental Health Care

While having success in the role of being a frontline guardian, critical incidents expose the workforce to cumulative, biological responses of stress...

Family Programs

Frontline guardians experiencing the effects of mental and physical stress or trauma often unknowingly transfer those effects onto their family members....

Helping frontline guardians achieve their personal best. We help with Substance Abuse Treatment, Fit for Duty assessments, and more