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Addiction Treatment & Individual Treatment Programs

Evidence-based clinical care for first responders.

All too often, frontline guardians respond to the symptoms of hyperarousal, physical dependencies, and unmanageable thoughts by seeking relief from substances such as alcohol, the misuse of prescription medication, and illicit narcotics. It is not uncommon for those engaging in the aforementioned abuses to also identify problems with gambling, pornography, sexual promiscuity, domestic violence, adultery, and eating disorders.

Our treatment center, CCR, Inc. is our licensed, nationally certified program for behavioral healthcare treatment of substance abuse disorders and co-occurring mental health concerns. While intensive in focus, the center provides a healing space, evidence-based treatment modalities, and creative outlets that will engage the whole individual in their recovery. Our campus offers a “safe haven” for our guardians surrounded by lush landscaping, open space, and serene residential accommodations. The healing environment enhances the sharing by fellow guardians in supporting each other while attaining their personal best in sobriety.

Addiction Treatment Programs:

Our licensed and certified treatment center, Compassionate Care Recovery located in Wellington, Florida provides our clients with an intimate residential setting. Located in the equestrian capital of the world, nature abounds.

Helping frontline guardians achieve their personal best. We help with Substance Abuse Treatment, Fit for Duty assessments, and more