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Transformational Trainings and Workshops For Personal Growth

What brings a person, a family, or a community to recognize the need for change?

As a child, learning comes from wonder and excitement over mastery of one’s body, relationships, environment and lastly, over obtaining fulfillment of needs. As adults, with a wider scope of internal cues, expanded relationships and more complex interactions, the attitudes and skills needed to obtain fulfillment of one’s needs requires greater integrative cognitive functioning.

Often, individuals lack insight into their persona and the impact their physical presence and tenor have on others. By learning to manage one’s physiological responses and developing advanced behavioral skills to optimize interpersonal interactions, participants in our program will gain understanding of the “space” they occupy both physically and attitudinally which impacts the resulting response from the community.

The Re-Institute creates trainings and workshops through utilization of our team’s expertise and motivational communication skills to facilitate the frontline guardians’ self-assessment and teaches effective means to implement personal change or growth. Through personal exploration, participants will strive for progress in learning new ways to obtain fulfillment of their home and work lives while demonstrating a re-commitment to service on the job.

Helping frontline guardians achieve their personal best. We help with Substance Abuse Treatment, Fit for Duty assessments, and more