Fit for duty, this expression is commonly heard across the various professions such as EMT, law enforcement, police dispatcher, firefighter, ER personnel, members of the military, and many more. The common thread of all these positions is the immense amount of stress and performance demanded of the people doing those jobs.

But what does Fit for Duty truly mean?

What are the Requirements to be Fit for Duty?

According to OSHA, the fit for duty designation means that an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional state is deemed to be sound and appropriate for the work that is expected of them.

In other words, their physical and mental health are stable and healthy, and that they can perform their functions within reasonable expectations and are not in danger of harming themselves or others.

Fit for duty testing is a crucial part of professions that are extremely high stress and are critical to the safety and health of the public and those they serve.

What if I am No Longer Fit for Duty?

In the aforementioned professions, it is a sad reality that the service the public receives comes at a cost of our beloved frontline guardians. The Re-Institute provides the necessary resources to help frontline guardians learn the skills and strategies to mitigate the behaviors that may render a person unfit for duty.

Not being able to be considered fit for duty can be a blow in many different respects to an individual. One the one hand, their livelihood is threatened and they are unable to perform the tasks they wish to because they are suffering from:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Burnout and apathy
  • Substance use disorders

These outcomes are the product of a nervous system that has been repeatedly overloaded for too long, and so the only outcome is to either shut down (depression) or find unhealthy methods to cope with current worsening circumstances (substance use disorders)

Re-Institute’s personal growth transformational workshops and wellness retreats are part of our tool-kit for servicing our frontline guardians and assisting them with receiving the help they deserve.

Wellness retreats offer a peaceful and relaxing reprieve for individuals to reconnect with themselves and their loved ones. It is the perfect backdrop and complement to more standard evidence based programs to help deal with underlying trauma or substance use issues that affect a person’s fit for duty status.

Fit For Duty Assessments for First Responders

The Re-Institute offers The Fitness for Duty Assessment, which is an individualized, multi-disciplinary assessment of occupational competency. The assessment is demonstrated by our forensic psychologists that have conducted over 10,000 various psychological evaluations for law enforcement. The assessment is designed to allow individuals to return to work safely.

Contact Re-Institute today for more information on how you or a loved one can take the steps necessary towards regaining fit for duty status—and more importantly, be fit for life.